The city of Kuantan is the capital of Malaysia’s largest state, Pahang, and sits roughly at the midpoint of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. If you are flying to the east coast from KL or Singapore you will land in Kuantan, and it’s well worth exploring the city. For starters, the number of quality beaches accessible from Kuantan is impressive, making it a tropical retreat on a large, and diverse, scale. The city is also a culinary hotspot, famous for its delicious, locally produced dried fish dishes, street food and Indian specialities. Kuantan is also well known for a number of large and beautiful waterfalls.

Thirty kilometres north of the east coast’s largest city Kuantan is the beach village of Cherating. This laid-back fishing village is a popular hangout for backpackers and even surfers during the monsoon season, due to its lovely beaches and seasonal swell. Visitors can also enjoy jungle trekking, yachting and turtle-spotting at the turtle sanctuary. The award-winning Cherating Club Med, Asia’s first and recently renovated, is an excellent choice for those seeking all-inclusive indulgence.