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The city of Kuantan is the capital of Malaysia’s largest state, Pahang, and sits roughly at the midpoint of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. If you are flying to […]


The turtle shaped Pulau Tioman is the largest and most impressive of the east coast islands, with emerald water and idyllic beaches ideal for long, lazy holidays. After an easy […]


Redang is famous for the variety and quantity of sea-life that inhabits its many coral reefs, the clarity of the water in which it lives and the range of resorts […]


Off the coast of northeastern Malaysia at the border with Thailand lies the small group of Perhentian Islands. These beautiful islands (‘Pulau’ is Malay for ‘island’) are surrounded by coral […]


Sarawak, located in Malaysian Borneo, is diverse and culturally unlike any other region of Malaysia. From the intriguing colonial base of Kuching, visitors can leap into Sarawak’s main attractions: nature […]


The state of Sabah is where adventurous travellers can climb one of south east Asia’s highest mountains, enjoy renowned scuba diving spots, explore caves, trek lush jungles and tackle almost […]